Aloha! My wife and daughter have taken an interest in archery. In trying to keep everything at a reasonable cost, I've been offered to buy a used Hoyt Kbow and a Heritage Buckeye.

I've found some info and prices on the Buckeye, but can't find anything on this Hoyt Kbow. Anyone heard of this recurve? Is it obsolete/discontinued? Any good for a starter bow?

I also scored a Martin Gazelle for a compound, but my 8 yr. old daughter can't handle the draw weight. I think it's set a 35 lbs. The other recurves are 26 lbs. and 20 lbs., respectively. I'm pretty sure my wife and daughter can handle the Heritage, but just want to know more about that Kbow. The seller has both of them and I figure might as well make it a package deal.

Oh, our daughter is now taking lessons through the C&C Parks and Recs program. She's caught on pretty quick.

Any help is much appreciated.