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    Default Indoor Range Fees

    A buddy of mine is getting an archery shop set up and was wondering what most shops charged to shoot on the indoor range. Also, if you know of something a shop has that is out of the ordinary that is a good customer draw please let me know.

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    We charge $6 for the entire day if they want. You will see everything from $2 to $10/hour depending on location.
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    My range charges $2.50 per day.


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    A pro shop in my area charges $5 an hour to use the range the range is 40yards long. One of the clubs I belong to charges $3 for members and $5 for non-members to shoot all day (35 yard range).

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    Don't get confused on the range fees. There is a huge difference between a Pro Shop range and a Club range as far as fees are concerned.

    If you are a Pro Shop and have to pay rent, price it properly.
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    Our pro shop here is 5 bucks, Indoor is 20 yards, then you can also use the out door range, 20 to 60 yards, its really nice. well worth the 5 bucks to go shoot a few hours, they also have a fridge with cold soda and water, set up as a pay as you take type deal, seems to be ok i guess, its nice to take a break and have a cold drink!!!

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    Pro shop is $8.00 and hour, club range $6.00 a day, non member, member is $3.00
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