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    Default Heres 1 for ya'll self fletchers

    I have seen alot of fletching question on here and now its my turn. When fletching arrows with a 3 blade broadhead using 3 fletches do you match the fletches to the blades? I am seeing people on here now fletching with 4 fletches using mini blazers ( I really want to try that) are you matching the blazers up to be in line with the blades? If not are you putting them in between?

    Overall 4 fletch mini blazer users are you happy with the setup or do you wish you had stayed with 3 regular blazers?
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    On my hunting arrows I just use 3 regular blazers, the 2 years prior to this I used 4 quick spin - cut short to 2 like a blazer but yet with more spin and then last year I believe they came out with the speed hunters using the same idea. I still have these but am shooting a different arrow this year.

    Years ago I used to line the blades up with the fletching but for a long time now I just concentrate on getting a true spinning broadhead with no wobbles ( perfect alignment) of the insert and arrow you can still run into a bad broadhead once in a while still.
    So now when they spin perfect I shoot them and dont worry if the blades are in line with the fletching I tend to shoot some pretty good distance and group very well that said, I do shoot a lot and Im not sure if my consistent form makes up for what may or may not be gained by the alignment.

    Good luck this fall!
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    Although I've tried the 4 fletched mini's, I'm not hunting with them. Not that they would'nt work, but why go with the minimum. I'm more likely to want the added benefit of full size ones or even 4-5" feathers to hunt. I will say though, that one doz maximas I have w/2.5" 4-fletch will work with any head I put on the tip. Wensel Woodsmans, Strker Magnums, right down to the smallest heads. If you have the spine correct (stiff enough), both ends of the shaft squared, and true spinning heads, it does'nt require a heck of alot of fletching. And I've never bothered to line up fletches and heads.
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    nope.. spin 'em and shoot 'em..

    Back in the day of recurves and shooting off the shelve, I indexed the broadhead so I could aim off the point.
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    When I shot Thunderheads, I tried it both ways. I didn't see any difference.

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    I with the spin and shoot group. Alignment is what you're looking for and spinning is the easiest way to check that.


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