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    Default A good hunting joke!

    Bob and Stan break away from deer camp early one morning to head out to thier tree stands. Later that morning Bob shoots a nice buck and goes to get stan to help drag it out. As Bob walks to Stan Stand he see's him sitting in the crotch of a fallen tree with his pants around his ankles and passed out cold asleep! Bob decides to play a trick on Stan, and quietly places the gut pile under the him while he's sound asleep. Hours later as Bob is sharing his hunting story with the other guys at camp, Stan comes walking up huntched over holding his stomach with a severe look of pain on his face. Bob, almost forgetting what he had done to Stan said "What's the matter with you?" Stan says " You won't believe this!!! I was walking out to my tree stand this morning and I seriously had to take a major dump. I climbed on this crotch of a fallen tree and I litterally crapped my guts out!!! But by the grace of God, and a big stick I managed to get them all back in there."
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    Ha Ha funny but gross!
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