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    Congratulations on a nice buck!!!!
    Awesome story to boot thanks, I enjoyed reading it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whitearrow View Post
    i'm jealous i am still after the holy grail of the first buck with my bow.have killed numerous does but that first buck feeling has to be a sensory overload.i'm headed out tomorrow afternoon so maybe then.congrats to you my friend.
    don't shoot tha does
    let em walk tha buck will show up

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    Hey congrats! My good buddy in IL started hunting in 2000 and it took him seven years to shoot his first deer also....oh I should add that he shot two more deer in the 3 weeks that followed and this year got a doe his second time out. I have a feeling you are going to go on a killing spree also, great job!
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    Congratulations on a nice buck!!!

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