This morning was my first day out. Everything went according to plan. Around 7:50 the deer started to filter from the food scources into the swamp for night, night. Around 8:10 I had 5 baldys come up on the Island with a nice 10 point. He's around 110 to 115 ish Im guessing. Well Im screwd becase I had my buddys set a new stand last spring and they set it 50 yards off the main trail Im not complaing Im greatlful they hung it. Bummer is they all walk under my other stand 50 yards away . ( It would have been tuff to pull a shot off becuase that stand is way to low and in the open anyway ). So I tell my buddy on the two-way here they come theres a shooter at the back of the group. They are now walking directly to him. 1 minute later I here a loud crank!!Im first thinking ok he shot the buck good. But then I think man that sounded like metal on metal He calls me on the radio and tells me his bottom cam on his bow hit the seat on his tree stand when he shot. Strings and cables jumped off. He missing the deer by 2 feet and hits a giant elm tree . The buck then stands there for 2 minutes not having a clue what just happend. But he cant shoot him because his strings are hanging off the bow . Well it was a fun hunt and now I have something to rib him over for years. I already have his bow put back together. No major damage he got very lucky! Its a blast hunting 100 yards apart and having radios. Its all we do anymore. We use the motorola push to talk ear bud things. They work great. Here two quick pics I took this morning.