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    Default Maintenance check...

    The bryars and thickets have been hard on my serving's and strings...I took tonight off so i could do some stand and bow maintenance...I had to tighten a bolt that came loose on my climbing stand and while i was at it I checked them all and my harness as well....

    i had to reserve part of my nock serving,all I done was pulled out the looseness of it and back-served it up tight and melted the end to hold it...

    I went through my sights and made sure everything was snug and I went ahead and took a few shots to be sure...Everything else sounded tight so I called it a night...

    I just thought I would post it up to remind us to keep a eye on things from time to time...

    Tomorrow is our safety meeting on hunting work property so I figured it was a good idea to be a step ahead...

    Good luck brothers and sisters of the field,be safe...
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    Preventative Maintenance is very important. Good luck to you also.


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