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    Default How to tune your new Elite..

    THis is mainly for the new 2008.5-2009 bows with the Revolution cams.. BUt it does work the same on many of the older Elite's as well,, You just need different information on where the reference points may be for timing.... ANyway,, check it out!
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    Thanks Takeum!

    I just got my GT a couple of weeks ago, and with hunting season in full swing, I have not had a chance to tune it in yet. This will be a great starting point for me! for the finest stabilizers in the world Custom String Suppression for that shot of a lifetime
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    Pretty good video...

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    Default love it

    Great video! I just purchased my GT500 a few weeks ago and am loving it through and through and this video will definitely help me along with the performance of the beast.

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    Thanks for the link
    Visit our web site
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    Default Thanks

    Nice to see guys sharing their tech tips
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    Thumbs up Elite bows Rock

    These Elite bows are one smooth mother had the chance to shoot the hunter and the pulse and I tell you what if they where more avaliable here in Oz I'd have'em both hanging up in the shed right now!!!!!How sweet is that draw on both these bows and that comes from a guy who shoots a Ez7 just gota love those Elites!!!!Sorry- Mr Mathews!!!

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    theres no doubt that the elites are a good bow.
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