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Thread: Too Early???

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    Default Too Early???

    Was out in one of my stands the other night & saw a small 6 pt following a doe about 20 yds. back. He stayed on her trail until they were out of my site. Just wondering if this was a fluke, or maybe some pre-rut activity. I know some does go into heat earlier than others, this just seemed a little too early.

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    older does tend to start a little early, it all depends on where you are. The farther north the earlier it can start. The best activity should actually be goin on between no and NOV. stay out there. If you take a deer be sure to get pics and post on the contest thread. GO TEAM 12!!!
    GO TEAM 12

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    Quote Originally Posted by duckslayer870 View Post
    GO TEAM 12!!!

    Going out tomorrow
    "I have a passion for whitetail deer, not a passion for killing them. The fact that I deer hunt does not make me their enemy, but their guardian."
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    I believe it is a little to early yet but that's just in my head. Everybody has there own opinion.

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    Just a young buck being just that young and dumb. Not really rut activity you will see young ones spar with each other and chase does alot during the early season. They dont know any better

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