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    As some here have mentioned, you're gonna have to head to your local Pro Shop and shoot severa; bow and then make you choice on what feels best to YOU. Personally, I did just that this season and I walked out of the Shop with a Mathews DXT..... you'll be hard pressed to find a better feeling huntin' rig. Good luck and good shootin'

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    Quote Originally Posted by beenfarr View Post
    As far as a bow goes. Are you more into speed/hard hitting, or smooth and quiet. What's your draw length? If you don't know measure your wingspan from tip to tip and we'll figure it out. What's your budget? Do you want inexpensive, middle of the road, or high end? What kind of draw weight would you like to pull? 50-60 lbs, 60-70 lbs, or over 70 (not recommended)?

    If I were you I would shop for a bow already knowing what your daw length is. If you have short arms alot of bows will be not fit you.

    Well my bow is only used for Whitetail so i want it smooth, quiet and fast. My Draw length im not 100% sure and i cant find a tape measure at the moment but im guessing 28"-29". I want to draw 60-70 lbs. As far as budget i would like mid-high end bow which ever feels better to me but i would just like it to be under a grand. Im about 6'1 so im not a little guy. Thanks guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tmackey View Post
    #1 I would advise you to get a bow that is your draw length.

    #2 get a bow with a draw weight that you are comfortable with.

    After that, it's personal preference.
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