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Thread: FIRST buck

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    Quote Originally Posted by PA.JAY View Post
    I was talking to DB see what you think ! do you or anyone think todays bows that push in the 290fps mark are just to fast for a cut on contact head ? in my mine it's like a hot knife through butter . where a muzzy slick trick with a chisel head would give the impact more of a shocking power .. thoughts ?
    Punctures tend to close up and bleed less than slick cuts and blood vessels like veins will roll out of the way of a blunt object where a razor will simply slice through... IMO Speed has nothing to do with a cut...

    Loose skinned animals like deer can bleed little externally if the wound isn't kept open because the skin will move over the hole. Larger cut diameters help with this, but in some instances even 2" won't be enough.

    Hunting from the ground, I probably see less blood than most treestand hunters because my shots are usually level and the animal must bleed to that level before it leaks...

    You guys usually have one hole low on the animal and so the level is reached sooner.
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    Default good job!

    Congrats on a great harvest!!!

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    YOUR buck looks big enough to eat mine thanks

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