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    Default 3D shoots at Archery Clubs

    What would you guys & gals consider a good turnout at a Sunday 3D shoot for your local Archery Club?

    As a member of a few clubs, we are all struggling with increasing our number of shooters at 3D events. We host a shoot every month…should we be happy if we get 40-50 shooters? I was just wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on this.

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    I believe the club I am in gets in the 30's turnout but we have under 100 members last time I asked.

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    It varies from shoot to shoot between 50-150. Alot depends on weather. Later on in the year the last few shoots usually has more attendance as guys and gals are readying for Oct. 1


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    Not quite sure, I am a board member at my club but it varies so much. I would say about 50 +/-. I guess a couple years before I joined they were pulling 100+. Things are different now, alot has to do with gas prices and weather, and who else has something going on or not.
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