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Thread: ? Buy or build?

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    Default ? Buy or build?

    Is it possible to buy, limbs, cams,body, & everything else, and build a custom compound bow?

    Would be better to just buy one of the new bows?
    Yamaha EX Coumpound, 50#@28", Toxonics sights.
    Bear-BlackBear Compound, 35#@28".
    Martin 35#@28" Recurve.
    AMF- WingArchery Slimline RedWing Pro 45#@28"
    Easton 1816 Lite, 100 gr Fieldpoints.

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    buy a new (or used) bow. It would be near impossibe , without years and years of experience, to get the geometry right, the correct string and buss lengths and not hurt yourself or drive yourself crazy trying to get the components to work together correctly. Hell it drives some of us crazy just trying to get an off the shelf bow and off the shelf accessories(rest, sight, arrows, ect.) to shoot.

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    Save yourself the frustration and just buy em. I have spent some time talking with Doug Hitchinson, he designed the bows for ROSS ARCHERY and you would not believe the time and testing and technology that goes into a decent compound bow. If you want to make a bow, I would suggest a self-bow. Alot of guys shooting longbows make their own. Just imagin the feeling of taking that nice buck with a longbow that you made yourself.

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