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    Default Elite GT500 vs Elite synergy

    Can anyone give me an honest comparison of these bows? there is a synergy for sale in the classifieds and the price is excellent. I am not worried about 320 fps and 340 fps, i made up these numbers. I am worried about the draw, quietness sshootability. I am looking to get a GT500 with the cuda cams this spring but 300 buck sounds alot better than the 750 the gt500 costs new.. Thanks for the help


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    The GT500 will be a smoother drawing quieter bow,but that is about it.If it is an 07 synergy from what I have seen the speed is about the same unless you shoot a 30" draw then the GT500 will be faster at all other draw lenghts they are about the same from what I have seen.If it is an 08 synergy xt the the gt500 will be faster no matter what but the feel will be about the same with the gt500 slightly smoother and quieter.Hope that helps.

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