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    Default Shot AlphaMax 32/35 Yesterday

    Hi All,

    Just a quick review on the new AlphaMax series from Hoyt.

    I have been anticipating this bow for quite awhile now, and the wait was justified. I'm not going to be like most people and rave about how this bow is more supreme than any, and how you have to buy this bow or you're at a huge disadvantage...or any of that being ignorant stuff. What I will give you is an accurate review of a very well designed bow.

    Bow Design:
    I started off shooting the AlphaMax32, and I have to say, the bow doesn't look as short/goofy in real life, as it does in the pictures. When seeing it in person, it looks like a normal Hoyt. The new "ribs" in the riser are not as thin as they appear in pictures and do not look as strange in person. They actually make the bow very appealing to the eye, and much lighter than a normal Hoyt.

    Cam: The new XTR cam is another fabulous cam by Hoyt. This year, and what I feel is being overshadowed, is that the XTR cam has adjustable draw stops, and you can select the type of valley you prefer. I shot one at the middle valley "similar to a Katera", and then I shot one with the first setting, "Like an X-Force...just rearing to go". I was much more fond of the middle setting that felt like the Katera, but to each his/her own. I would probably go with the 2nd setting between the two. That way you would eliminate the usual Hoyt valley, but not get it where you can't relax at all without having it take off. The cam was quick, no quicker than my Vectrix however.
    I shot a 330grain arrow at 56# on the 32 which shot 282fps, and then I shot the same 330 grain arrow out of the 35 at 61# and that shot 296.

    Feeling of the bow:
    The thing I have always loved about Hoyts is they balance very well. They rarely feel like they want to cant to either direction. The AlphaMax upholds this tradition. Unlike many bows that are very prone to cant, the AlphaMax stays rock solid verticaly and with the reduced weight this year, feels exceptionally comfortable in your hands while anchored.

    The things I did not prefer about the 32:
    1) String Angle. This is personal preferance, but the 32 was just a bit to dramatic of an angle for me to get accustomed to. I LOVED the 35, but the 32 will not find its way in my stand this/next year.

    2) When initially starting the draw cycle, the AlphaMax32 is a little top heavy, so the weight shifts to the top of your hand and you can feel the bow tilt slightly towards the sky. I did not like this, but could likely be solved with the use of a stabilizer. (the 35 was perfectly balanced drawing back, without the need of a stabilizer)

    Hoyt has designed another fantastic bow to add to their arsenal. Although it is not the fastest bow out there, it is definitely a contender for great feeling bow, and with the addition of their improved limb system, is definitely a contender for consistency. If you love Hoyts, or have always wanted a Hoyt but didn't prefer the weight or the valley on them, I would recommend giving these new AlphaMaxes a shot or two...I think you might discover you're more of a Hoyt fan than you thought.


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    Good review I also shot these bows on sunday. There a great shooting bow much smoother and quieter than my katera. I was also impressed with the speed shooting 60lbs with a 30" draw and a 305 gr arrow out of the box the 32 was at 321, 322, 322. More than impressive for me. The katera is officaly retired and the AM32 is now the primary hunting bow

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    nice review.
    HBH Admin.
    BT Guardian."AWESOME BOW"
    last of the sheephicans

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    Default amax

    all around the finest bow on the market. and talkin quick friend WHOO all you do is listen for it to hit. smooth and solid i'm orderin one june 1, mathews you have been CAUGHT! LUNGFLOODER

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