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    Default Hungarian Horsebow Recommendations?

    Hello all,

    So I'm looking to buy one of the Hungarian horsebows, for use both in target archery and in a boffer sport (read: fake medieval combat with foam weapons, similar to SCA but we pad our weapons not our people) where bow draw is strictly limited to 35 lbs @ 28".

    So, I was wondering if any of you have any experience with any of these guys? Kassai, Grozer, Toth, etc? Specifically, I'm looking at maybe going with Grozer's "Old Scythian" because it's cheap or his "Hungarian of the Middle Ages" because it seems like an amazing bow, if I think I can stomach the price. I've heard from multiple sources Kassai doesn't live up to his reputation. There's also a (semi)-local store that carries bows by a group calling themselves Flagella Dei--does anyone have one of their bows, or have any knowledge about them?



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    Welcome to the forum, I really don't have any information for you that you haven't found yourself. We'll try to keep you up top for a while and maybe you can get some answers...

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    Maybe you've already tried it, but I'd think someone in your local SCA chapter would have somekind of info on what you speak. Even out here in paradise, we do have a SCA group and some are real anal about the "authenticity" of their regalia and weaponry. To these enthusiasts, cost is no object when it comes to authenticity.

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