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    Default Newb father and son

    Hi , I am new here and I have a 14 year old son that wants to get into either long or short bows. He has been introduced to archery in school and has enjoyed it.

    I think initially for target shoots and maybe hunting in a year or two. I used to shoot some when I was a little older than he and thought this would be a good hobby to spend some quality time. Do you have a recommendation of either type bow over the other. He prefers old style, no sites ...etc.

    Also, what draw weight would be good for his age? I know how to measure for draw length? Same for me? Thanks!

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    First off both to the site and the sport.

    For your son I would suggest first that you attempt to find a children's group. I think that he is a little old for JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) but i am not sure. One of these sort of groups can really help you out because chances are you will not have to buy all of the equipment at once ie they will allow you to use their bows and possibly arrows. Also, this will allow him to get a bit more exposed to the sport and learn more about proper form and technique (something that you will be fighting with from now until ten days after you die ). They can also provide good advise on what to get for his age/strength/etc. Look arround for local archery stores, they usually will have a group or know where one is. Failing that a sugestions for a recurve style bow would include the PSE Buckeye. This is a takedown (the limbs can be removed from the riser) style recurve which means that as he gets stronger the limbs can be replaced. I started off on one of these and to this day it still is sitting in the corner. hmm, i think i may have to go shoot it. Anyway, to start off with I would not put him in much over 30#. Remember that while he may be able to pull a 50# bow once for an entire game he could be shooting up to 70 arrows.

    As for you if you are planning on shooting a compound, there are a ton of choices out there for you. Starting off in a midrange bow is probably a good idea, that way you will not outgrow it too quickly. A few manufactures to look at in that range include Fred Bear, Mathews, PSE, Bowtech, Martin, and Hoyt. These midrange bows will range from about $350-$600 for the bare bow, and then you need all of the accessories (stabilizer, arrow rest, sights, release, and arrows) which can run you anywhere from $130-$450+. If you are looking for a recurve/longbow then the best thing i can suggest is a specialty store. Most Archery shops now specialize in compound bows because they are the easiest to pick up quickly; however, die hard traditional shooters are out there, and they tend to look down on the rest of us for moving out of the stone age . If you want to go this route you will need to talk to the specialist to help you out because those bows take a lot more individual attention to make them shoot well. Either way I highly suggest avoiding one of the big sportsman stores because their selection is usually very limited and they just don't have that much experience with archery. Also, be sure to shoot as many different bows as possible. That is the only way to find out what you like and what feels good to you. When you go in go in with a good idea of the price range that you are looking at, and expect to spend several hours their learning about the different bows, their features and shooting them.

    Don't let any of this scare you off, archery is a wonderful and rewarding sport and a great way to spend time with your son. Personally my wife and I use it as some of our together time . But I hope you can find a good deal, and enjoy yourself . Let us know how the search goes.
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    Thanks for the reply. I think we will stay with the more primitive forms of bows. So either longbow, short bow, or recurve. I do not know if there are categories at competitions for these forms, but I do hope so.

    I do like the idea of replaceable limbs on the recurve but, I am not sure that is available on those types of bows but I will look around.

    Also a good point abount going with the lower draw weight bow due to the number of shots in an outing.

    Is there anyone in this forum that shoots the more primitive types of bows that could ad to the recommendations above, but more specific to those types of bows?


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    I started with a Bear recurve. I was introduced to archery the same way 35 years ago, at school. At home I got a stack of hay bales and shot at a paper plate untill I could hit it every time at 5 yards. I moved back in 5 yard increments untill I was confident out to 25 yards before I started bowhunting. I love compound bows but sometimes I long for the simple recurve. Maybe I'll dust mine off and buy a new string for it.

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    I would say a couple of recurves would be a good place to start. I would say a 60" for draw lengths up to 28". maybe go to 62-64 inch bows for draw lengths over that. do you know what your draw lengths are?

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