Hello All,
There is some great news from custommadewraps.com, the best custom made wraps in the world are now more affordable then ever.
What do you get:
-Custom made wraps specially made for your arrows
-You have the choice out of many different designs.
-You can put your name on the Wrap.
-You can number the wraps
-You can choose for spinwing lines on the wraps, it has never bin easier to place and replace you spinwings.
-There are 32 wraps included in the package, and if you choose for spinwing lines on the wraps you get a free set of transparent spinwing tape.

Normal price 36,- and $45,- ,And if you order between now and the 10th of November 2008 You get the same package for only 29,95 or $35,-!!!
Logon to www.custommadewraps.com , Create an Account, and you automatically see your own currency
Hope to see you all at custommadewraps.com