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    Default Which Release to Buy???

    I'm a newby.Just bought a used Bear Flare II last week.I'm wearin' out my fingers,but getting decent shots now.Since I can't try out releases (that I know of),I am looking for some advise on what kind or type to get.My bow is already set up for one with a D loop and some kind of weight inside the loop.It's got a 4pin brass sight on it.The bottom one is missing,but I haven't seemed to need it.I realize a good release is a matter of opinion.But I don't know ANYTHING,and there are so many different ones.I hate asking a sales person.You never know what they really know,or if they are just going for the big sale!

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    TRUball stinger, leather buckle strap, no velcro....can find new for under $35....
    Prostaff of whatever DB uses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slippy View Post
    TRUball stinger, leather buckle strap, no velcro....can find new for under $35....
    That's a good suggestion to start. Hang in there and post up your questions.

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    a pro shop should have a good selection. and most will allow you to try out a couple.

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    What timing, I just watched my wife go through this dilemma. It is too personal of a choice, you have to try them out and see what feels good to you.

    Last night my wife tried at least 2 dozen different releases. The Owner, his wife, the various employees, all the other customers and shop rats alike were puling their releases out their bags, boxes, cases, glove compartments, etc. with the help of her coach, her other coach and the owners wife, she'd shoot a dozen arrows with each one just gauging comfort alone. And then set it down in a "no" or "possible" pile. After trying every release within a 3 mile radius and culling them for comfort. after that she went back through the pile of "possibles" and shot 12 arrows with each for accuracy/consistency, etc. By the time 2 hours was over, she had my TruFire 360 Elite foldback, a TruFire Hurricane Extreme Buckle Web, a Stanislawski MagMicro Trio and a ShootOff, a Carter Fits Me Too 3 finger, and a Scott Longhorn Pro advantage left in the pile. She _really_ liked the feel and fit of the trufire glove but wanted it with the 360 head off my Elite, which we could have done for her. but it would mean buying 2 releases.

    umm... what was my point?

    Oh yeah, go to a shop where you can shoot and ask to try every release they have and don't have. A good shop with good staff will have no problems with you trying them out. If they balk at it, find a new shop!

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    Thanks.I think I'm gonna try the Truball Stinger.Looks like a good one for me.I'm already hooked!

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    I have a tru-ball stinger also and like it alot.
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    i been usin my fingers all my life and really want to try those releases, is there a big diff in the accurecy? comfort?

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    Default I like the buckle

    I like the buckle because you buckle it in the same spot and as time goes by it'll form to your hand as well. The velcro straps I seem to never get in the same spot. On the wrist strap I sometime don't get centered in my hand sometimes. Sometimes rides high in palm or lower and it messes up my anchor point position to my cheek. I shoot the scott silverhorn. really like it for hunting.

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    I like my Carter Chocolate Addiction
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