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    Default Cat Whisker Help

    Couldn't get the other thread to post ?? for some reason. This is what I had typed...

    Quote Originally Posted by J.A.G. View Post
    what do you use for material? anybody got how-to pics?

    also, what about those furry things for my recurve?
    I found that if you want to use custom type color that Spinner/buzz bait (fishing department) skirt material are awesome. You can make them in different sizes and colors. Same material.

    The BEST trick I know for tying them on is once you wrap the material around bow string clamp a clothes pin just off-center (holds it in place) then use your serving string to tie off. It will save you some frustration.

    I shoot mostly Trad these days and I like Woolie Whispers (had on compound too) and my new favorite is Beaver Balls. Here are some pics...

    scroll down for pictures.
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    Thanks for the tip! I'm always looking for a new method to do anything.
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