Well, I shot Day 1 of the Wisconsin State Field Championship today. This is my first "real" field tournament.

Wow, this is the ironman competition for archery. 3D is a piece of cake compared to this (as a far as number of shots).

Day1: 28 field and 28 animal targets...140 arrows.
Day2: 28 hunter targets (we shoot this tomorrow)

I shot decent for me, 270 on first half and 264 on second. Second half, I set the sight wrong on the 65 yard target and didn't notice until I shot the 2nd arrow

Shot 281 on the animals which is not too good in my opinion.
I didn't gain any real points on the animal targets. Should have got more of these points.

I should sleep like a rock tonight and then get up early and do it again. I think I have my sight marks a little better now. We will see tomorrow. Sure would like to break above 270 per half.

If you haven't shot Field Archery, give it a try it will make you better no matter what flavor of archery you like to shoot.