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    Default suggestions on a bear

    I wanted to put up a stand in a little deeper in the woods than where I am now,sort of on the edge of blueberry field.I got there a little late so stayed where I was.I'm on a big buck scrape and rub line. So around 4:30 I hear somthing in the woods,look over and holy cow the biggest bear I've seen in my life and I've seen alot,but only shot one while archery.He stayed in the woods for a good hour but never got close enough for a shot. He was right where I wanted to put my stand in. So I never had to try to get the bears they are usually there at the blueberries easy picking,but I am hunting archery for that big buck.Are there any calls or anything that will entice the bear out that I could use, it is not legal in mass. to bait,or should I just stay quiet and move in deeper in the woods and wait?

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    Just move around when the bear is near. When he see's you he will bolt. I would think you would get the bears attention with a grunt call. When he looks your direction move. I had one come check out the spot where I shot a doe twenty minutes earlier. I said hey a couple times, it didn't phase it. When I took one of my arrows and banged it against another arrow it ran off like a dog shot in the butt.
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    No,I want this bear.I only have 2 weeks for the bear but I have till the end of the year to get the buck. Does anyone here use a predator call for the black bear.Do you think it would work?

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