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    Jerry Whittington
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    Default Howdy beginners!

    I think this portion of 3-D is great.

    What goals do you have? Certain goals/objectives that you want to reach...

    There are some knowledgable people here...

    XQuest been shooting for years...He knows the indoor game

    Javi- the Javinator has a reputation for tuning bows.

    Daniel Boone is a part time Sr pro shooter....hes been around the trees, stumps and bushes a time or two....

    I've been know to win a shoot or two....

    If you have questions ask us.....I think you will get unbiased and honest answers friom any of us.......

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    Hello everyone. I'm looking for a few suggestions.

    I have plans to purchase a GT 500 in the near future. I've been away from archery for 13 or so years so i'm not up to speed on the newest stuff.

    I would like to know what accessories everyone prefers. I.e. sights, rest, strings, etc.

    Daniel Boone has given a little info and was very helpful. Once again thanks Dan.

    Like i said, i'm looking for more suggestions.

    Thanks in advance.

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