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    Question Hunting gloves....??

    Anybody use these or have a suggestion? I want something that will work for early season and late season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jds-1 View Post
    Anybody use these or have a suggestion? I want something that will work for early season and late season.
    When appropriate I wear gloves to and from the stand but use a Rocky hand warmer once in the stand and if necessary I use the Hot Hands chemical hand warmers in the Rocky Hand Warmer tube. I don't shoot at all with gloves on. I was never able to be comfortable holding or drawing the bow.

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    Go to the hardware store or farm store and buy a pair of those $2.00 jersey gloves with the little rubber grippers on them. Cut off the wrist part and 1/2 the index finger so you can use your release like you always do. Not much out of the wallet and it works!!

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    I use the OKD Green Wool Army inserts. Great for early season as they are not too hot and in colder weather I put the leather outers over and I am toasty. Jerseys are great to.
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    :d Go With The Jersey. The Army Ok.

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    I like the Jersey gloves but not with the grippers. Could cause torquing issues.


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    I prefer the Under Armor liner gloves for the early season and then switch to Glomitts once it gets cold. UA makes a great pair called the Derecho. I also like Cabela's MTO50 Glomitts. You really can't have one glove to cover all season.

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