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Thread: Ohio State Land

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    Default Ohio State Land

    Just wondering if Ohio state land is worth hunting or is it like Christmas shopping on black Friday?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ridgewalker243 View Post
    Just wondering if Ohio state land is worth hunting or is it like Christmas shopping on black Friday?
    The answer, as it is to most questions is, it depends. I live against 800 acres of state land and there are a lot deer. In fact, I have a stand just a few feet off of state land and see a lot of traffic, both signs and deer. I saw a buck from the stand yesterday morning, although no clear shot.

    The bigger the parcel, and the less developed the adjacent properties are, the better the chances of harvesting in my opinion. I suppose that would be the case with most states' game land.

    You could always ask the farms/homes in the area about activity along with scouting.
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    I have killed dozens of deer on state land over the years. There is a lot of good state land if you look for it.

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