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    Default need updated(been out of the game for a while)

    Hey guys, I used to be hardcore into the 3-d scene but had to give it up due to injury. I am now well and want to be back in full swing for the 2005 season. I will be shooting a Mathews Outback with a 29" draw, set on 71 lbs. I have a few questions about what accessories to use this time around. I will be using my old carter gorilla release.
    what about the following:
    arrow rest-I have a trophy ridge micro adjust drop zone
    arrows=I have easton axis with 100gr tips and nap quikspin vanes
    sight-have a sure lok ordered already
    stabilizer system-want a v-bar setup but need to stay under 12" for the front bar

    just need some honest opinions about the things I have already, and the items i still need.Is my rest and arrows ok? Need suggestions-thanks

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    I don't know about using that release. Get a new one if you can't get any spare parts for it. If you can find the parts, keep it. Your rest and arrows will be good for 3d.

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    Can you post a pick of your old carter gorilla release? I have never heard of it.

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