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    Smile Bo Doodle arrow rests

    A friend of mines dad gave me a bunch of archery equipment and one of the things was a year old bo doodle arrow rest. i was looking for some concerns and advantages. i was going to put it on my 3d set up bow. i would like to have both positives and negatives

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    I had one I just sold it very good rest. Should work fine for 3-d.

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    What rest is it? I shoot the Pro-Lite for hunting and 3D. I use the Timber Rattler for indoor. I won't shoot any other rest. I've got my son a Game Dropper for his Switchback I got him for Christmas. Great rest IMHO

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    Bodoodle makes some great rests. They went into a funk a few years ago and were re-introduced, I believe, about 18 months ago.

    I had an original Pro Lite and it was an excellent rest.

    I believe their new web site is

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