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    Default God I blew it tonight

    Man I'm sick, I blew it tonight.....
    I went to a piece of public land I hunt sometimes here in IA and took my climber...Well the area I wanted to hunt has no trees you can get a climber in so I said heck, let's go old school...And I hunted on the ground. There are some old rolls of hay there so I ducked in behind them and glassed a feild until dark. About 30mins before dark 2 does come out in the feild, I was thinking "It's Nov. in Iowa and no buck with some big does, just my luck"...Well 2 more does come out and now I'm thinking "Are you kidding me, 4 does in the middle of the rut and not a buck in sight"...I look at where the last 2 come out and I see a deer step in the feild...Throw the old Vortex up and about crap my pants, here comes a freakin stud...I'm pretty sure a 12pt. probably in the 160" to 170" range and over 20" wide inside...Wide, tall, heavy, tines everywhere...Everything you could want in a whitetail. He's about 250yds away so i start hitting the Primos Buck Roar and snort wheeze and here he comes..The 2 does came in first and he followed them. Somehow the does managed to pick me off behind the hay rolls, so they are checking me out...Finaly they step forward and are blocked by the hay from my sight...Here comes big boy, no time to range him I just gotta guess...I guess 40yds and hit full draw "keep inmind that I practice out to 100yds all the time", 40yds wide open, this is a piece of cake. I look down before I release and notice my arrow isnt gonna clear the hay roll so I have to stand on my tip toes to get up high enough to shoot between the "V" where the 2 rolls of hay are butted up against each other...I lock the 40 pin on his lungs and cut it loose.....RIGHT OVER THE TOP OF HIS BACK!!!!!!!!
    The does bust out and he follows, they get about 100yds out and I start grunting and snort wheezing, here they come back, the does first and he's right behind them. The does come up to about 18yds and check things out...He locks up about 50 or 60yds and is looking my way so I cant do anything. The he turns around and walks out of the feild. Atleast he didnt spook and neither did the does. I'm heading back there tomorrow on a mission to find him "after I find my arrow, hopefully"....
    This has been one of the toughest seasons I've had in alot of years....Oh I forgot to mention on Nov. 1st I shot about a 150" 10pt. and hit him low, we never found him. But I saw him again a week later and he was getting around pretty good so I guess he's gonna be ok. I've got 2 blown shots on 2 of the biggest bucks I've ever drew a bow on. I like to think I'm a pretty good shot, but I'm stinking it up this year..
    It's official, I suck!!!!!!
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    Dont feel bad I shot the biggest deer of my life last monday drew blood follwed it for 500 yrds and lost the blood. and the deer. The night before my friend shot an 11 or 12 pointer watched the deer lay down for 15 min, get up and walk off, My best friend shot one today went 30 yrds layed down and bled buckets and his dad jumped him off his deathbed. they followed the trail and decided to back off. These deer seem to be gettin tougher and tougher. maybe you can get a second chance in the morn. good luck.
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    i feel for you man. i am haveing a good year i shot one this moring that may go popen will be alsome for me to get in the books while i am 13
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