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    Default Passing on the shot.

    How often do you second quess yourself for not taking the shot. I just couldnt shoot at this buck today because he wouldnt stop. 45 yrds.

    Pretty sure I could have hit him on a slow walk. Just something said its not a good shot. Sometimes you just have to let them walk. JUst how my season going. First time I have drawn back on a buck this season. Very rare for me not to have one down by now. Been a tough season.
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    Every time I take a shot that I have a doubt about I regret it... even when it works...
    Mike "Javi" Cooper

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    A couple deer this year at around 30 yards. I feel comfortable shooting at 90 yards at a target but in the field its much different.
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    i had a shot on a bruiser and didnt shoot cause i felt it was to windy and wasnt comfortable

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    If in doubt, don't let it out!
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    How often do you second quess yourself for not taking the shot.
    Ever since I took up bowhunting. Some of the shots I've passed were no brainers, but there always seems to be a few like that. I took a buck in KY over the weekend so now I have 2 bucks but I haven't taken a doe yet and I could still use her. I passed the closer of the 2 does on the day I shot that 8 as she was on the edge of my comfort zone........................yep I've been 2nd guessing.

    Hang in there, there is still more season to go. Good luck.
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    Default Good Decision

    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel Boone View Post
    How often do you second quess yourself for not taking the shot. I just couldnt shoot at this buck today because he wouldnt stop. 45 yrds.

    Pretty sure I could have hit him on a slow walk. Just something said its not a good shot. Sometimes you just have to let them walk. JUst how my season going. First time I have drawn back on a buck this season. Very rare for me not to have one down by now. Been a tough season.
    Haven't shot one in years over 25yds Dan.

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    You made a great decision dan!

    Keep at it, you will get the shot you want!
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    Finally turned an arrow loose for the first time this season last weekend. Shot right underneath a doe at 26-27 yds. Hunting from the ground, I used my 20yd pin and missed. Kind of had to chuckle at that one.
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    Last time I held up was opening day on October 1. It happens all the time.

    Just let yourself be comfortable with an opportunity. Confidence will follow closely behind that.

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    I let plenty of deer walk every year cause I want an easy shot. My buddies think I'm a great shot because I don't have misses or wounds, just dead deer. Truth is I have faith that the easy shot will come and if it doesn't then there's always tomorrow.

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    I almost shot a doe Sunday afternoon (2 weekends ago) about 3pm. I drew when 'she' was quartering to and waiting for a broadside. There was just something about the opportunity I didn't like even when broadside so I let down. It turned out that 'she' was actually a button buck. He had a pretty big body for only being a button but I'm glad I didn't shoot.

    Same weekend on Saturday morning......right at first light I saw a big bodied buck rolling up to the decoys. When he was 22 yards and broadside (~150" 10 pointer) I drew and centered my bright green pin in the peep and released. He trotted away and stopped and I thought he might tip over even though I didn't hear the arrow hit him. (?) I looked down at my sight and my brightest green pin is actually my 40 yarder. Shot right over his back. So now he's standing at 50 yards (by the rangefinder) and broadside. Perfectly calm, wide open. I practice out to 80 and felt pretty confident. I drew, aimed, aimed again, gave everything the once over and squeezed off the shot. He slowly started walking up the hill! Two shots and a beauty and two misses. I have NO idea what happened on the 2nd shot.
    So now I'm scratching my head and feeling frustrated when his buddy walks in to the decoys. He's a solid 135" 8 pointer and easily 21-22" wide. Broadside, 22 yards and perfectly calm. I drew and anchored and held, held, held, held.......then let down. With the 150 standing up the hill and across the field and still not fully spooked I decided I may still see him again. There are several other bigger bucks using this farm too. I just decided that if I shoot the 135 I'll never shoot a 150.
    I felt good about that decision until the weekend was winding down and I had not seen another good one. I started feeling frustrated again. I could have had my buck hanging early Saturday morning and had the rest of the weekend to do stuff. Light was beginning to fade and the woods were getting pretty quiet. I was thinking about climbing down in about 20-25 minutes. That's when I heard the tell tale "crunch, crunch, crunch" sound of a cruising buck coming down the hill to my left...........but that's another story.
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    I had a toad under me last Saturday, he was well over 150". As he came in I had 130" looking my way from 60 yards. The monster walked right under my tree and gave me a 3 yard shot. I had the pin buried but it was all spine. I passed on that shot. He then started walking away giving me a quartering away shot. I could not stop him and tried to get a shot on him. As I brought the bow up on him I hit my bow on my ez hanger. I had forgotten to swivel it back. I had a hell of a time trying to bend down so I could get a shot on him. I finally was able to and took the shot and then of course whacked my coat sleeve. Most likely because I was in such a funky angle. He was quartering away and the arrow flew right in front of his hind leg and right under his belly. Clean Miss.

    Do I regret anything not taking the spine shot? NO. I don't believe that's a high percentage shot. If I miss by an inch on a straight down shot I am only hitting one lung and this deer would most likely survive.

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    Big Lew

    Default second guess

    I am like "Upstate", I let a lot of bucks go if I'm not feeling confident in the shot, sometimes though, I regret not shooting. I get critized on occasion when I state that I have not lost an animal, (the only exception was a doe to a black bear overnight). This year I had a large, wide 8-point standing broadside to me across a draw at 40 yards which is well within my shooting comfort, but it looked further away and I thought the range finder must have picked up on a near branch or something. By the time I was able to get another reading, the buck turned away, end of chance. Where I hunt in the first week of september, there are a lot of deer up high and the bucks travel in groups, so I guess I am spoiled in that I usually get several chances before I get the confident shot.

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    Two years ago I let a 140" walk right under my stand. I was on a paid hunt in Nebraska and it was the last night. I had decided I wasn't shooting anything under 150". I went home $1500 poorer, and no deer. You gotta wonder if you made the right decision sometimes. I think you made a good choice passing on the shot if it didn't feel right. Call it picky whatever, I think you are being a responsible hunter.
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    Good job not taking the shot.

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    goodness DB you can hunt with me i am tagged out know shot a non-typical with muzzloader and that nice 9 point with will get a biggen before the year is done
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    I had one around 40 the other day,he was quartering away then turned a little to much...I was scared to take the shot he offered,I have been hunting this boy since I seen him...I thought for sure I had him,I just could not stand myself if I hit him and could not find him...I want AIR BAGS or HEART ...He has made it through opening weekend of gun,soooooooo I may still get another chance...
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    45 is a toke on a moving deer with a bow. Itís a double edged sword make the shot and you did the right thing, miss or worse yet wound him and you pulled an unethical shot according to some.

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