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    i might go back with mathews this year like them alot the hyperlite is pretty much like the dxt but i think it will be a good one for hunting
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    The Reezen will more than likely be my hunting bow this next season. I'm pretty excited about this new mathews line-up and can't wait to get my hands on some of them!

    Does anybody wanna buy a 28/70 DXT that nearly looks like new?

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    I shot one this week and liked the draw cycle. For and hard single cam it was very smooth. The only thing I could get cured was the hand shock that it had. Even when we put Tunerz on the limbs, risor and a limb saver s-coil. it took most of it out but still had the tuning fork vibration. I had the shop owners shoot it with out telling them about any shock. They picked up on it even with the dampeners. We installed a Tunerz STS and it all went away. So there is a cure!!!!
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    Default reezen or drenalin?

    i am in the market to get a new bow do you guys think that i should get the 09 reezen or the drenalin when i am looking for speed but also a very forgiving bow?

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    [QUOTE=wyoming4x4;208512]Shot the 2009 mathews last night and didn't like it. The string had a buzz in it. It didn't have any string dampners. i could feel the string buzz for about 5 seconds just holding it after the shot. I don't even remember which mathews it was but didn't like it. After shooting a captain and ross and 101 and 82nd and hoyt ultratec and my marquis, constitution. The captain has won the contest on feel and shoots nice. Seen a swat shoot last night and shoots pretty good and he didn't like the mathews either compared to swat. I like the dead in the had feel after shot. My constitution is the smoothest but different application. Waiting for the sentinel to come out. Sorry about the bad review but had a pretty good mix of bows the play with. The Ross is the worst on the feel in the hand after shot. lots of vibe in hand.

    What you have failed to realize is this is a solocam with a 340IBO it is not going to be as smooth as slower bows it is not going to feel like a Mathews it is a speed bow if you really want to compare it to other bows compare it to something shooting the same speed not something slower.If you wanted somthing smoother Mathews makes other bows like the DXT that has an IBO of 326fps and the hyperlight that is shooting 325fps.The reezen is what it is it is a speed bow it does have some after shot vibe and a slight hump at the end of the draw cycle it does pull harder then past Mathews bows but come on guys if you want a solocam shooting 340fps then it is going to come at a price if you dont care about speed and want something smooth Mathews still makes those bows as well.

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    Default Judge a whole product line by one bow

    Quote Originally Posted by wyoming4x4 View Post
    I don't even remember which mathews it was but didn't like it. Sorry about the bad review but had a pretty good mix of bows the play with. The Ross is the worst on the feel in the hand after shot. lots of vibe in hand.
    It bothers me that you would try just one bow from a manufacturer not knowing which one it was and even knowing if it was one of their best or worst bows. Then judge the whole product line by that one bow. It sounds to me like that is what you did. I visited Matthews and have shot Matthews. They make some very good quality bows and they have invented a whole lot of new technology that people have copied. I bought a Bowtech Allegiance before I visited Matthews but today I would probably buy a Matthews. I can't wait to try the Monster XLR8. I love that "friction reducing roller guard" Mathews has because just one moment of not paying attention and I got the cable guard bar of my Bowtech Allegiance jammed up my hand in between two fingers to a depth of 2 inches. Ouch. Little things like that make a difference.

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