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    Default slick tricks and arrows

    where can i find slick tricks at and about how much is the cost? do they fly better than the muzzy 3 blades? right now i am shooting gold tip expiditions 5575 28 in cut.with blazers. is there a cheaper arrow that will shoot the same? for the hunters out there what color fletchings do you prefer. my green and white ones dont show up good in the grass after a shot
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    Default $24.99 for Slick Tricks

    gamoboy, you can get the Slick Tricks all day long for $24.99 TYD on AT, Ebay, etc. I definately wouldn't pay any more than that. If you look on AT, sometimes you can find em for cheaper but you do have to be looking at the right time. Or, do like Daniel Boone did, buy in bulk LOL. Actually was an insurance sale from Hurricane Ike. As far as flying better than Muzzy 3-blades, I have no idea but can tell you the they fly great with my setup.
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