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    Default Feeling like poop, had a great chance..

    So I have one in the freezer, thought I'd try my luck with the recurve. I've been playing around with a couple for over a year, relearning things. Lately I have been feeling pretty good about my ability with it, to within 20 yards or so anyway. Actually I have 2 set to hunt with, one with a sight and one bare. I should have used the one with. Approximately 20 yards, broadside, from the ground. Dropped the arrow just under her armpit! AHHH! I don't know when I'll get another opportunity like that, but I better not blow it again, or there may be a recurve or 2 in the classifieds. At 48 years old, you'd think I would not get the shakes when a deer shows up. It does'nt happen when I'm not hunting them and see them. I just cannot control that adrenalin hit. I thought my pulse was going to blow out my neck!
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    I hate that for ya man. it's hard to focus on a spot shooting barebow, especially when you're excited.

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    sorry man it happens to everyone. thats why i dont shoot a recurve
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    sorry man it happens to everyone. thats why i dont shoot a recurve

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