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    Default Buying Better Scores?

    We all heard that the best way to buy better scores is to hire a good coach and do what he says.

    However, Is there any piece of equipment that you've found that has helped you increase your scores?

    Maybe a new bow or release?

    For me it was a BT release that fits my hand and still allows me to get a good solid anchor. I have short fat fingers and a release made for bigger fingers and a slightly extended head helped my form come together.

    Anybody else have a similar experience?

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    Best thing I have found to help my scores is an eraser

    Seriously though, as I mentioned in an earlier thread, I bought a new Ross Cr337 and shot my highest score with it at the first shoot I went to. Biggest thing in rasing scores I feel is confidence in your equipment. Sometimes all that takes is a new release, or arrows or even a new bow.
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    Definately, when I got my Old Glory (i had a TRX36) my scores increased instantly, especially during longer shoots.

    A thumb release signifigantly improved my ability to hold an ancor as well. I would say just about every gadget I've puchased has helped with my shooting, but nothing has helped as much as practice.

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    A rangefinder!!

    No matter what you put on your bow or in your hand, if you can't judge yardage your scores won't go up!!

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    Two words............................................. ...........................Whisker Biscuit!!!!!!!! No just kidding Bowman

    I would say the best thing I have purchased to better my score would be my first release Tru-Fire X-Caliper!!! Yes I know its not a wonderful release but when I used to shoot fingers my groups were all over the place. I was one of those guys who thought if I could put 6 arrows in a pie plate at 20 yards I was on top of the world. Now if (when I shoot groups) my arrows are not touching at 20 yards I think its the end of the world. So I would definately say a RELEASE.


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    Carbon Express,

    And the best score Improver.......Learning to better judge yardage.

    One would think though that, the more expensive the pencil, the better it should treat you.......
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    Default For me it was BT

    For me there were a number of things that improved my scores only two can be pruchased the other are the result of many hours of good sound practice and I still think I have a long way to go.

    The two things are 1. a Carter 2,75 back tension release and 2. time with a coach to teach me the proper way to use the BT release.
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    First off.. I'm going to have to agree with the yardage judging. Now, the day before each shoot instead of going out and shooting 100 arrows at a target I take my range finder and start walking... Just judging random stuff on the side of the road. That has seemed to help me more than anything. I still shoot some, but only about 30 arrows or so.

    I'd have to say that second, would be the X-Cutter arrows I bought this year. They were quite a bit lighter so my speed is up and they have probably gained me about 8 to 10 points per shoot on average with the larger diameter shaft... But if I do #1 up there correctly, I don't have to rely on the X-Cutters as much to bail me out.

    Also, as stated above.. Confidence in your equipment plays a huge role. You can't shoot well if you worrying about what you're shooting.
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