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    Default G5 Striker broadheads

    I have been hearing good things about these broadheads, who has shot these heads,hear they fly like a field point, and are razor sharp out of the package.

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    Default Good Broadheads

    My brother shot his deer with them. Went less that 50yrds.
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    I like them,,,yes they are sharp out of the box...
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    Great heads, used them for the first time this year, took an elk and a deer, they are very sharp out of the pack, as far as flying with feild points i dont know. But they shoot and group great.

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    I have used them before. They are super scary sharp out of the box. I personally feel these are some of the better heads out there. As far as flying with your field points, well that is up to how well your bow is tuned. I do know they do group well! Great choice of broadhead!
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