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    Default Any ideas on bows for kids?

    My husband and I shoot our bows just for the fun of it. He eventually will find the time to hunt with his (20 plus years of him swearing 'next year')
    Me? I doubt I will. Cause my luck would put the buck of my dreams JUST out of bow range, but well within gun range.. LOL

    Anyway, we are thinking about getting the 8 and 9 year olds a bow. They have had a kids recurve bow for a few years, but its not acurate at all.

    We are looking at the Tiger.

    Does anyone have any expierince with the Tiger?

    They cant pull back my 40 pound bow, so I know they need something less. Plus, I want to make sure they enjoy it before I spend a fortune. (80.00 is already alot...)

    Now, I also have an issue with a girl who is almost 5. She is their shadow. and if they do it she will too. Now 10 pounds would be fine for her. She can pull back the recurve with about a 8 pound draw (At least) with NO problem)

    But before I break the bank with 3 compound bows I need to know if anyone has used these?

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    The Tiger would ge good for the 4 yr old. It would be like a toy for the older boys.

    I just went through this same ordeal looking for bows for my 6 and 8 year olds. Ended up with Diamond Cutters. Pretty neat little bows. There are several companies that have what you are looking for. Not sure you'll find one in that price range. Parker, Whisper Creek, Stacey Archery to name a few. Good luck finding what you are looking for.
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    I can only vouch for what my kids have shot....

    My 8 year old girl is (currently) shooting a Browning Micro Midas 2 w/ the limb bolts backed all the way out to bring it down to 15#. These are readily available in your price range on consignment at most pro shops this time of year and e$ay

    Though it's an "older" model, the Midas 2 is plenty accurate for an 8 Year-old shooting form 10 yards, even at only 15#.. >> See proof here <<

    Now, there is a VERY strong chance that her Midas 2 will be for sale the day after Christmas (read below) and I'd be happy to pass it along to you for a fair price of "what I have into it and not a penny more" which would be $75.00 plus whatever it takes to ship it to you, but it does NOT include the HHA sight which easily cost double the price of the bow. (It is a 17-22" 15-30#) But I'll dig up a 3-pin to put on there.

    If you can up the initial investment, Darton Ranger II, as well as the Browning Micro Midas 3 {my oldest girl (15) is consistently shooting in the 240-250's in 5- spot} They are both solid bows that will keep up with the little kid's almost nightly growth spurts without needing a trip to the bow-press to adjust.

    Over about the last 3 weeks the 8 year old was "assisting" the shop owner get a brand-new Parker Sidekick "tuned and sighted in". It is an AMAZING BOW. but not in your price-range and I have not seen one pop up used anywhere in aver 6 months. The story is that anther customer bought it for a Christmas Present for their kid, and my daughter was just about exactly his size, so she was assisting the bow mechanic in getting it dialed in for the other kid. Unfortunately , the bow was recently delivered to "the parent " , so she had to start shooting the old Midas 2, again.

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    Have they been coached properly in shooting a recurve bow, or have they just been "flinging arrows"? Have they shot them with sights? Guess it depends on what yours or their expectations might be in regard to "accuracy". Most kids that age can not only have fun, but also find satisfaction in shooting a recurve quite accurately. In many cases though, most kids want to to do what their folks are doing.... so I guess it's up to you, as much as it is up to them.

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    I was kind of in the same situation as you - just started out a little later with my daughter. I got her a Darton Ranger III which served her well until I bought her the Martin she is shooting now. The Ranger is very flexible for draw weight and length ranges. 15 to 45# and 17-28" draw length. It's a bow they can use right now and still be able to take out after whitetail or turkey if they wish as they get older. She used it for 3D for a couple of years as well. It's also a great bow to keep around even if your girls go on to another bow in the future - it works well as a bow for the kids friends to try out.
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