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    Default Setup a BIG one today.

    I just had to share this. I had a guy walk into the shop looking for a bow. The first clue was when he walked through the door, he had to duck, no kidding.

    Now, I'm 6' 1" and 225#. This guy made me look tiny, think mini-me. Very friendly and personable. Needless to say we needed a long draw, 32".

    He wanted a Mathews so we put him in a 70# Switchback LD and he loved it. Setup him up with some Axis 300 arrows and he is ready to hunt.
    Just before he left, I asked him, how tall are you. He said 7ft.

    He also said his brother that is the runt of the litter would be in to look at a new bow. He's only 6' 6"
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    so what kind of speeds would you get out of a bow with a 32 inch draw at 70 pounds? Assuming the right arrow you'd have to be shooting in the 315 range I would think?

    Either way thats one helluva draw!

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    That guys not gonna need to get a tree stand! get the right camo on and the deer are gonna think he is a tree!
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    Sounds like a good freind to have, Bet he could carry a good load of elk meat out on a pack frame.... or come over and change a light bulb... or lift up your car when you get a flat tire.....

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