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    Default alpine archery bows ???????

    he guys im a noobie looking to buy my first bow.i have my eyes on a 2006 alpine avalanche match grade.please any info about alpine bows would be great,i found a place where in can get th ewhole bow kit for $593.98 which is about 100.00 cheaper than everywhere else that i have is a link with a bit if info also thinking about the the Denali match gread also for 593.98

    how would they compare to the matthews in same styles

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    I don't know much about Alpine bows. Have you shot it next to some of the other top models? You really need to shoot a new bow before buying it.

    Shoot a Mathews Switchback XT, or a Bowtech Tribute and then shoot the Alpine. This will give you a good comparison. If it's anywhere close to being as nice as the above two, buy it.
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