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    Default Bowtech drawstops

    Has anybody tried or know somebody who has placed a additional Drawstop on the lower cam also ? and what was the results ? I heard from a person who knows quite a bit about biniary cams that he did and got a much more postive stop ...?
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    Default interesting??

    Well Don't know if it makes a difference but I installed a stingstop on my consitution last week. I like it but my string dampner has been destroyed on upper dampner and left the building. But I do like the way it feels in the hand after the shot. i noticed a lot more movement in stabilizers. Target bow set up. Gonna have to check into that.

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    It will give you a more solid backwall and decrease your groups from my experiance plus it is just extra insurance if the other was to com loose.If 1 cam has a stop and the other does not you can watch the 1 that does not and it will still have more rotation after the other cam has stopped which will make the groups a tad larger and make your backwall not as solid.Just make sure that adding the drawstop does not interfear with any other motion.

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    I'm not sure why you would want to do that. I shoot 2 Bowtechs and they both have a very solid back wall to begin with. Why mess with potential synchronization issues and additional rotational mass.
    When that stop is adjusted properly and tightened down properly it will not move.

    I would not think of adding another stop. If Bowtech thought it made sense, they would ship them with another stop on the other cam.

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    I added an extra draw stop to my commander. It did make a big difference (a much nicer wall). However that is a centertrac cam and the pegs hit the cables. I can't imagine it would make much difference in wall with a stop that hits the limb. It will not mess up you cam sync if done and checked properly.

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