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    As someone with a 25"DL I can tell you that anything that can increase the speed of my bow 15-20fps is something that has my attention. I have been watching the bowturbo from a distance for quite some time now. From those that have used it I have heard mixed reviews. Seems like some love it and some weren't impressed. One person I talked to said it increased their speed by a whopping 4fps. Haven't heard anything that would make me want to run out and try it - yet.

    One of the main reasons that I haven't wanted to mess with it is that after talking to Alpine corporate about it, they told me it would void my warranty on my bow. I have a source at both PSE and Martin corporate offices that both said the exact same thing. They also said that Matthews and Hoyt had told them the same thing. Just thought you guys might want to know.
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    at your course..taking your money


    Quote Originally Posted by OneMustFall View Post
    I have to agree,no reason to lie about a product,it always seems like these negative attitudes are the norm with archers,when these kind of products come out.looks like a great product,i hope it works out cause i sure would like one myself.............
    yeah.. we all know that no manufacturer lie's or stretches the truth about there products. Not saying they are. But the Windstalker was huge for awhile and promised the world to archers about all the bonus's with using one compared to the stock ones. And having Staff shooters and now they are non-existant.. We will see when more people try them. I would like to see one up close though....
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    Exclamation chewing up cables

    In response to Radar's posting: "Ya I know a guy at my club who put one on his Hoyt target bow when he got his new strings and cables put on and after about 15 shots it chewed thru his cables and broke em. brand new strings right in the trash. I am a speed freak but you can keep that perticular gadget".

    I'd like to re-iterate that the cables need to be served in order to protect them. It's not listed in the company literature, but it needs done. Take a look at matthews bows and others that use a roller cam system, and you'll see that their cables are served to protect them.

    Relating to the changes in draw weight/length, I spoke to the rep from Bowturbow, and he told me that the draw weight will increase SLIGHTLY.
    The device needs to be moved front/back on the bar until you find the 'sweet spot' where the gain in speed is the greatest without increasing draw weight dramatically.

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    Default interesting...

    i owned a bow built in the 70's. it had 2 small pully's on the riser. you had to run the cables over them to increase the poundage to max. you could also change the draw weight with them as well in 5 pound increments. so it looks like an new twist on an old idea. come to think of it i wish i still had that bow. good shooter.

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    Default dont buy it.... more trouble than its worth

    i just purchased one of these bowturbow piece of junk.. with in 50-60 shots i started to noitice string wear on a brand new set of strings that had maybe 100 shots on them.. lets just say for 79.95 from the dealer it aint worth the money.. i'm gonna have to eat the 29.95 for the offset rod cause i shoot a pse i had to cut it so it would be short enough and it would not leave enough room for my qad dropaway. i also had to retime my dropaway.. i noitced more noise also from my bow when i drawed it back.. the only thing i can say about it is that it made it a lil smoother to draw.. it will be back in the mail

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