Hog Hunt in Ok or TX
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    Default Hog Hunt in Ok or TX

    Anyone ever do a hog hunt with an outfitter in either Ok or Tx? Have any reccomendations? Want to try to set something up for winter/spring 09 or 2010. Thanks guys!
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    How fancy you want to get?
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    down in the kiamichi mt area you dont need an outfitter. they are everywhere. i stumble upon one a couple of weeks ago right outside of a town up here in northeast oklahoma but i know where alot more is in the northeastern part as well.
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    I know a lot of local people that go to the Texas S ranch in Clarksville, TX.. They love it.. I havent got to go yet.
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    I dont need anything fancy just want to do some hog hunting!

    Thanks for all the responses !!!
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    Default Shiloah ranch in Oklahoma

    Has always got good reviews.

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