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    Default Hoyt Pro Elite XT3000

    I am rather new to archery so I went with a pro's recommendation (Michael Braden). I asked him for something that would be great for target shooting. I was not concerned about speed or hunting. I ended up getting a 2006 Hoyt Pro Elite with XT3000 limbs. I have been shooting it for 7 months now and love it so much that I am getting a second one. The original will be set up for indoor with my large aluminum arrows. The new one will be for field with smaller carbon arrows.
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    well first i shot the 05 allegience, was shooting a hoyt razortech at the time, i really liked it so i bought it, got it all set up, would group good, but never could get it to shoot good right out of the case, seemed like it had to work in, must have been the way it fit in my hand, and it seemed like it was easy to cant from side to side, really had to pay attention to the level, after a few weeks i sold it and got a trykon, dialed it in, and its sweet!! not quiet as fast as the 06 allegience, 9 fps slower, same draw, weight and length, and same arrow, cronoed the bows side by side...but seems more stable, less noise. and i drill xs on my first shots.... fits me great, and i dont mind the hard draw cam...... It is a little heavier though, but i dont mind, i can hold it still and drill stuff with it.... and thats what i was looking for, dont care who made it!!!

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