Anyone know someone with an injury to their pulling arm that had to give up archery? Well if their anything like me theyed give both their big toes to be able to shoot again as long as they could walk through the woods. Well thats where the creation of the R I P Shot began.
I had more than one friend that had lost their ability to pull a bow. The first was actually wanting to get into archery but had pins in his wrist and could'nt take the pressure of the pull on his wrist.This got me thinking how we could pull the bow without using anything below the wrist. So the first thing I tried was a metal cuff bent to shape around the arm just above the elbow. Thankfully the first thing I tried was a success. Now I know I'm not the first to devise a diffrent way to pull a bow because of an injury i've seen and heard of others, but let me explain where I'm headed. Lets start with why I call it the R I P Shot R I P stands for Restoring Improving Perfecting your shot. The Restoring is obvious. My friend was able to shoot a bow right away because we had removed the pressure from his wrist. What else is clear to see is any injury below the elbow would be helped. Not long after another good friend of mine (a long time elk hunting buddie ) came asking if my release could help him because after having sugery on his shooulder for the third time and the last just two months before hunting season he was afraid he was not going to be able to hunt. At the time I really did'nt know what I had and I told him I was'nt sure if it would help but he could sure try. He had dropped the poundage on his bow as low as it would go and could bearly pull his bow once and with alot of pain. I stood and watched in doubtfull anticapation as he put on my release (the R I P Shot) and began his first attempt at pulling. To my suprise the bow went straight back with no noticable struggle or grunts of pain. My friend after completing that shot just about knocked me over with a hug and burst into lafter and jumping up and down at the relization he was going to be able to hunt after all. I can't belive how many people since that I personally have ran into that have given up archery because of injury, carpul tunnel, arthritus, or even injuries from shooting a bow. How are those people going to feel when they relize they can get back in the GAME!!!!! Well that covers the Restoring.
I started shooting this when I first developed it and imediatly started to realize that I was shooting better. Now I'm not a competative shooter but I've always been a pretty good shot (I should be because I've been shooting since the age of eight) but I dont shoot all the time, more of a seasonal shooter. So at first I just wasnt sure. I contiued to use it for two years and and harvested a five point bull with it and a nice four point buck. The bull it actually gave me an advantage because I was able to pull back slowly while the bull was walking straight at me and he did'nt see me move.This is because with the R I P Shot it trtansfers the weight of the pull almost exclusively to the back muscles and I shoot eighty pound limbs. Now as archers we know that a good shot comes frome the back muscles. As time went on I started to realize this was a big reason why my shot was improving. I thought mabe it was because there is now no pressure on my hand and so it was easier to pull the trigger without punching it because my trigger finger is relaxed. This definitly helps! I wasnt sure though so I put my wrist strap back on my release and tried comparing, now there was no doubt I was defintly shooting better. The group difference was amazing I used to hit arrows pretty consistently at twenty yards but now I was doing it at thirty and forty yards. Now I'm positive the R I P Shot definatly impoved my shot.

I had a friend not an archer ( a musician friend) that told me he had an old friend he really wanted me to meet. He said that he was a world champion archer and would be a good person to try my release. I found that most of his winnings had been bear bow but in the last five years he had shot with a release alot also because he does archery coaching and wants to keep up with everyone.What I found was the guy knows archery and his wins in competitions are to many to list. I decided he was definetly a good person to let me know what I had with the R I P Shot. After we got it all ajusted to his arm he let me know that he had already been out shooting with his own release so that he could compare the difference. He shot once and a little more adjusting needed done then pulled back again all that was said is yea the length was right. He pulled out a third arrow and proceded to shoot by this time because he had'nt said anything I started to assume that he did'nt like it. I began to excuse it thinking mabee he would'nt notice as much of a diffrence because he was already a good shot. But half way through my excuse he stopped me and said "whoa dont sell it short I noticed a huge diffrence in my sight picture everything slowed way down there was alot more stability oh, and how fast can you get me one!!!
I have alot mor stories of people that were sceptical at first but you could'nt convince them otherwise now.
Needless to say I'm pretty excited about it now.
This is not a release it is a arm strap system that will adapt to most releases. So you don't have to give up the release you already love you'll just shoot better with it. A few other things this helps
You don't have a strap that has to be on your wrist so you can wear a glove!!
Your hand is now free while pulled back so you can use a call on your neck while in full draw. Imagin being able to stop that buck thats running in at you with the same grunt that you got him there with and not trying to stop him with some hiddious throat sound or stop him broadside only to scare him away with the movement of your pulling bow because he is already looking your direction.
Anyways I guess youll have to try it for itself were launching at the 2009 ATA show booth #2407 (man I don't have much time!!!) hope to see you there.
God bless and have a merry Christmas
Nat Graves
president/ C E O

R I P Archery corperation