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    Default Shopping for a Recurve

    Hi everyone! I'm about as much a beginer as you can be at archery... I shot my buddies compound once, and ever since I moved to OK from FL I've been super interested in getting into archery/hunting. Besides that my experience is 0.

    Anyways, while I def think compound's are cool, I think recurves are just a bit cooler in many respects. I like thier rugged simplicity, and the natural look of wood. I know these are more difficult to shoot because they don't let off the tension like compounds do, nevertheless I'm always up for a challenge and I figure if i can't hunt with a recurve i can probably hunt with almost anything else.

    I've had my heart set on the Bear Grizzley 58" Recurve... I'm 5'11" 170lbs. I have no idea what my draw length is... yet. Does the length of the bow have any relation to draw length? or does that simply have to do with how long the string its? Either way, do you think this bow would be too big for me?

    Thanks a lot.

    I apologize for all the readin.

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    I'm anything but an expert on recurves but I give you what I can. First off recurves do not have a set draw length but the draw weight is measured at 28" and draw weight will vary with different draw lengths on the same bow. Short bows and long draw lengths can be an issue but 58" while not the shortest by any means is not a real long one, at 5' 11" you likely wouldn't have an issue there. Now the shorter bows do tend to "stack" which is probably not ideal for a new shooter; I'd recommend starting out with something a little longer. I had a friend who had a 52" 55lb bow, it was pretty brutal.
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    I've only shot a couple Grizzlys so I'm no expert on them. But IMO they are not the worst bow you could start with provided the poundage was not too high. They don't stack as hard as some other bows the same lenth. If you had one around 35-40 lbs to play with it would be a decent bow to get started with. You have to start somewhere. Personally I prefer bows of at least 64", and I'm 6" tall. Less finger pinch. But I have shot a couple Grizzlys and they are'nt too bad as long as the weight is not too high.
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    At 5'11" I think you'll do just fine with a 58" Grizzly. Your DL is probably right around 29" so you should be about 3# higher than the bows measured DW so if you get a 45# @ 28" it would be approx 48" @29"

    One tip:
    If you are shooting off the shelf make sure you fletch with feathers vanes off the shelf will affect the arrow launch. If you are gonna use a rest it won't matter if you use vanes or feathers

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