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    Default Archery for 2008 Was it a good year?

    Im saying all four of my dealers are saying YES! They had a very good year.

    ASA attendance was up over all. Not sure if attendance for NFAA was good overall. Anyone know?

    I traveled and spent more last year.

    Im seeing more and more new products in the industry coming out.

    I personal think it was a good year.

    I spent my fair share hunting this fall.
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    Well, I'd have to say that 2008 was a good year for me, at least. Bought my first bow in Jan. and shot it the first time on 01/10/08. Now have 3 bows, a shop in the barn, and more stuff than I could ever use. (and remember, I'm not a young man - I'm 57 - never too late to start).

    The comments I'm hearing from other NC "outdoor" archers is that the shoots had the highest attendance this year that has been witnessed in many years. I think it might have something to do with all my trash talking and everyone wanting a piece of me.

    I haven't shot any 3D yet mainly because practically all the 3D shoots in my area are on Sunday and that day is reserved for Church and family visits. Have seen quite a few 3D shooters get involved in both Field and A600 shoots.

    Also traveled to the Hillbilly in Cumberland MD back in July and will be at the LAS Classic in Jan. Actually visited LAS the week of Thanksgiving and shot at their center 3 days.

    Right now there's a group of us that shoot indoor in Raleigh on Thu. nights - there's been several nights when we had to shoot 2 lines.

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    One more thing - couple of months ago got my "30 something" baby daughter started in archery as well. She goes with me to Raleigh every Thu. and is going with me to the Classic as well.

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    For me? it's been better. Because we were so far behind on GDU's (growing degree units) harvest for us here in N. Illinois started about a month behind of a normal growing yr. That for me meant a late sales season w/ less time in the tree. That and the amount of corn still out is a huge pain in the rear. Only made it to one indoor 3D this yr. and not a single outdoor event between work, family, and church ate up most of the free time.

    But I am already looking forward to next yrs hunting season and doing some late season scouting for next yrs. sets. There's always light at the end of the tunnel when you look hard enough.
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    2008 was an un-building year for me......

    getting a little less involved in my archery addiction and a little more involved in the activity that my whole family enjoys......(show rabbits)

    I also have gone back to basics, after relizing that I was not having that much fun, the more gadgets and gizmos I bought and added to my setups....

    I only have 1 target bow left and only 2 bows total.......

    how ever I did for the first time in a while harvest a deer with the bow, and had a great time doing it.....

    at this point 2008 is NOT a dissapointment at all......but I do wish I had a little more time to just shoot the bow.....

    had a great time, at the shoots I did get too.....

    waiting for Jan 2009 to decide which class to shoot this year and to see what my setups will be......

    2008 bow sales numbers WILL be down I think.....

    and 2009 may even be worse.....

    if the numbers were really that good, would so many shops be closing down??

    Suuport your local shops when you can......your gonna miss them when they are gone....
    I cut things up and split them down!

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    dont know but i am ready for hattisburg
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    Jerry Whittington
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    well..... I don't know....not decided yet

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