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    Default Good shooting Partners (Priceless)

    Its great to have good shooting partners.

    Art Brown, Myself and Kevin Hutchinson.

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    Man you always got some cool photos, I am going to have to have someone start taking pictures while my firends and I are shooting. Have you decided that the tribute is the one you want?
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    Default Good tip

    Always shoot with better shooters than yourself. One only gets better

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    NO better time than shooting with good partners. I shoot 3-D every weekend with my step son. The scores always go back and fourth. I love compentition. MY son is at college right now. Man when all three get together and shoot what a good time. Just dont mess up or you never here the end of it. They never let me forget it. Then in the winter my wife will shoot indoors with me. That is the best. Trying to get her into 3-D. Got her to shoot one early this spring. She had only been shooting 4 0r 5 months and shoot a 237 on a 40 target course. I thought this was very good. But you cant beat good shooting and hunting partners.


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    It is great to have freinds to shoot with.....sometimes its tough figureing which ones to go out on the course with.....I do find I shoot better when we are really getting on each others case.....I mean shooting w/someguys you really need a tough skin....Its always a blast unless its 100 degrees and raining...........
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel Boone
    Always shoot with better shooters than yourself. One only gets better
    then I am in trouble. I shoot better than most of the people I normally shoot with. they seem to be picking up their game by shooting with me.
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