I can get, basically, a free used compound bow, which the seller is asking $100 but I have an item of trade the seller wants. Can you tell me if this bow is appropriate for me.

I'm 6'1", 190 lbs, adult male of above average strength, I have strong shoulders and back muscles, and high athletic ability. I shoot a lot of guns but never shot a bow.

Here are the details of the bow:

The bow is a Bear Whitetail Legend, draw length 80", draw weight 60#, AMO compound string length 30" . Arrows are Easton Gamegetter XX75, shaft size 2315 lite. They come with a Kolpin wrist guard and fur-covered quiver. Everything is either tri or 4-color camo. String is in good shape.
Price is $100 firm.

I don't hunt but I do want to learn to shoot a bow well. What type of range does this bow have.

Is this bow appropriate for me?

Thank you.