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    Default Archery target - where to put it?

    Im planning on getting an archery target, and im thinking of putting it in my garage. but im not sure if 1 cars length is a big enough space and im getting really annoyed thinking about it
    Is one car length enough? Just to build up the muscles and practice steadying the hand.
    well thanks guys

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    Above all, I would take care of what's behind and around your target.

    I suggest you put it in an area with no door or access close to it, to insure nobody can enter your garage when you're shooting.

    Make sure you controll all the accesses to your shooting area.
    Especially if you have a running small kid as I do

    For the distance, let's listen to the experts.

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    If your just building strength and working on your form the garage will work fine till you can get outside in the spring.... But yes safety is always a factor as well..
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    Default Thanks guys!

    Thanks for all the advice guys! Really helpful
    Cya later

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    The closer the target, the smaller the dot will need to be to force an accurate shot. If you can set up in opposite corners diagonally, it will give you the greatest distance possible. I use a 4'x8' sheet of foam insulation board, plus a sheet of plywood as a backstop behind the target. So far, this precaution has prevented holes in my walls. If I were to have a clean miss I'm pretty sure the arrow would pass through the wall unless it hit a stud. Keep this in mind when choosing a target location, unless you have cement walls. Have fun.

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