Goldtip offering a new arrow (Triple X)

The “Triple X” features a new maximum diameter allowed shaft with three point options available that accept our weight system. At an O.D. of .421 it is sure to make a hit on the indoor scene and with a weight of 9.4 GPI it will get some crossover use in the 3-D arena. It will be available in a Triple X Pro Series with specs of +/-.001 straightness and weight sorted +/-.5 grains per dozen. It will also be available in a Triple X Series with a straightness of +/-.005 and also weight sorted to +/-.5 grains.
· The 30X Ultralight is going to replace the 30X. It will be popular in the 3-D world at 8.5 GPI and be available with the standard 50/100/150 grain point. It will be available in the Standard +/-.005 straightness and the Pro Series which is a +/-.001 straightness. Both grades are weighed within +/-.5 grains.
· In the Gold Tip Traditional shaft there will be an additional arrow size added to the lineup of the most realistic cedar-looking carbon shaft on the market. The new size is a 15/35 and is a .600 spine shaft. This should be very popular in the traditional market place.
· The majority of shafts in the Gold Tip line will have a new label phased in to eliminate the wear problems you have seen with some of the labels in the past, particularly the target shafts. The new clear-coated labels are very durable and will leave your arrows looking great a lot longer.
· In the Vanetec lineup of Vanes we have a new 1.5” HP vane to compliment the 2” HP vane we launched last year. This really completes the lineup of vane offerings with:
5”/4”/3”/2.5”—standard profile
1.75” fita/1.8”/2.3”/3.0”—Super spine low profile
1.5”/2.0”HP –High Profile
These high quality vanes with the best weight consistency,memory, and ease of use of any vane in the market really add to the overall performance of Gold Tip arrows.

Exciting stuff for us indoor shooters that want a big shaft. Im ordering mine just as soon as avalaible.