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    Default different sights for different arrows (same bow)

    HI guy's, i have a switchback and a five pin cobra sight,i was thinking can i switch just the sights for a different arrows and when i put them back will it keep it's zero (one sight for acc's & one for the easton lightspeeds) Thankyou.

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    I'm not sure but I think it should be pretty close.
    Give it a shot and let us know.


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    I am shooting CX 3-d selects and CX linejammers and the sight settings on my Switchback, and HHA are the same......I can group them together and not change anything!!!!!! Dont know how this happened but it did.....lucky for me I guess
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    I actually use GT ultralight 22's for 3D and just change out my scope and use Easton Eclipse 2613's for spots, all off the same rest. Shot through paper with both and got bullet holes with both arrows
    Target: Hoyt ProElite XT3000 C2, 60# 30", CBE Quad Lite, CBE 3x .019, Trophy Taker, Easton Fatboy 400's(indoor) lightspeed 400 (outdoor)

    Hunting: 2009 Alphamax35 (Blacked out) 70#, 29", HHA Slider, Bisquit, Easton ACC 3-60, Rage 100 gr. 2 blade

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    I have a flatliner and it has good windage and elevation adjustment marks. I just sight the bow in with the different arrows and write down my settings, I keep a small note pad with all the adjustments in it. What arrow with what head etc, even if I want my 60 pin to go to 100 its in the book.
    just a though it works for me.

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