I just bought my 8 year old twins two Bear Warrior 2's, and now I"m on the hunt for my 6.5 year old. His draw length should be right at 18 inches (He's 48 inches high with a 47 inch wingspan) and I'm trying to keep this inexpensive, until I know they will stick with this. I'm very interested in the Martin Tiger (Draw length 14-24"), but they have it were you shoot the arrow through the middle of the bow (in a type of circular opening) vs. on the side of the bow. Does anybody have any thoughts on that aspect? Will it make it hard for him to graduate to a different, normal bow later?

OK, I"ve tried to post the url link so you all could see the bow I"m asking about, but it keeps getting flagged as spam. Its for sale at shopatron at their internet site.

I need to get this ordered soon for Christmas, so any thoughts you could share would be great!